Well the first you would want to do when you log on to second life is to groom yourself a bit ;). Primarily cuz you’ll see very dressed up avatars around you while you are in your default linden uniform 😛 . Well all that might require some lindens (Second Life Term: currency used in Second Life) which you don’t have right now or may be you are not willing to invest real life money into a new “game”. No need to worry in that case. I’ve got some really handy ways for you to dress up your avatar with a good fashion statement absolutely for free. In short, I’m going to tell you about some hidden locations or even popular ones that many residents get free stuff from. 🙂 Oki, no more blabber from my side now, here you go! =)

1. Fabulously Free in SL – First and foremost thing I would suggest you to do is to join the “Fabulously Free in SL” group. (click on the search button and then on the group tab , type the name of this group to search and then join it.) It is the largest group of freebie hunters on SL with its membership soon touching 10,000 people. An amazing group with very helpful freebie hunters who can guide you through anything and even more generous fashion designers who keep passing freebies to the group. Renee, the owner of the group even passes some useful notecards regarding important and handy matters. And apart from that, many quality designers have put free stuff at the Fabfree headquarter. So, I suggest that should be your first place to get freebies! Here’s the Fabfree headquarter limo! And lemme show you a set of pics that I took with my avatar totally dressed up with freebies from the headquarter (clothes, hair, skin, shape, pose, shoes!!)

2. Lucky Chairs Stalkers Group – This is another great growing group to join if you want to try your luck in getting freebies. The group chat of this group has regular lucky chairs calls, so if someone calls for a letter that your name starts with, jump on the given teleport and you might get that lucky chair gift! This group opens up enrollments sometimes, if its not open you can always politely request Silent Noel or Eden Knoller to add you to the group. I’m sure you’ll wont be disappointed.

3. Freebie Fashion blogs – There are many fashion freebie blogs on the internet made by the SL residents. Don’t forget to have a look at those. Most of them are very attractive with pictures and direct teleport to the tp locations. Here are a few to just get you started 😉

>>> Free Dorks – My sister Maretch Waffle’s blog is an ultimate guide to all freebies. Very selected and quality freebies are blogged by her. And now she has moved to a bigger blog called the SL Fashionista along with Karina and Nereisse (awesome SL Fashion bloggers!) , so can follow her there 🙂

>>> Freebie Telegraph – Another awesome blog for freebies. Probably one of the really old ones too, definitely worth a look!

>>> Fashion Freebies for Men – This blog is a perfect answer to the guys who whine about the shortage of freebies for men on SL 😛 . Very unique blog showcasing classy freebie or stuff with cheap deals only for men.

>>> Free Finds for Men – Another cool freebie blog for the guys!

>>> Free*Style – Awesome fashion blog that caters to needs of both men and women.

>>> Karla Scorbal – One of the few non English blog with a huge fan following. The Spanish blog offers the best freebies and the blog even has a huge non Spanish fan base. So, you even if you don’t understand Spanish, take a took at it 😛 I bet you’ll have an idea by Karla’s beautiful pictures.

4. Visiting freebie places – I have been around many freebie places that offer a lot of quality stuff ranging from clothing, hair, skin to AOs (Animation overrides – Second Life term: Animations for the way your Avatar stands), poses, furniture and even some funny prank items 😉 . Here’s a small list of freebie place to get you started –

>>> Fabfree HQ >>> Bare Rose >>> **Free STyle ** at Juicy >> The GNubie Store

5. Freebies at Big Designer Stores – Some generous designers offer quality freebies at their main stores. So you might need to hop around from place to place but it is sooooo worth it! =) Here are a few to help you out –

>>> [Cynful] – One of my hot favorites, Cynthia Ultsch is really generous to put out a new freebie (which is usually a special version from one of her dresses) every month in her store Cynful. Superb quality, a total must have! Here’s the limo!

>>> Magika – Very famous hair store with a huge variety of hair. They recently put of tons of freebies (basically older hair that were on sale before). All of them are really beautiful so hurry and grab them! Carpet ride! =)

>>> Hyper Culture – Hmm …. I think I can count in my store too =) lool … anyway I keep on passing regular freebies in my subscribe-o-matic or simply as gift packs! Do try them^ .. Here’s the ride!

>>> Donna Flora – Those in love with vintage couture can find some really nice dollarbie area in here too! Check it out HERE!

6. Hunts – This is the fun part of SL!! Nothing better than hopping around the grid trying to find hidden treasures 🙂 Freebie Blogs are the best way to  know about the hunts that are going around. Refer to my third point 🙂

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE  (Specially to all the new residents) – Please NEVER accept items that are passed to you by other residents in person unless they are the creators of those items themselves. NO quality skins or hair are passed around in SL in folders by the creators. Such items are usually copybot or ripped or stolen items. Please respect the work of the creators by buying their items and by boycotting stolen items. Remember, creator are responsible for adding on to the awesome Second Life experience we all are having.  So please support their work by buying original items 🙂

Wow … this was a long one 🙂 I hope this with help you in getting through SL and taking away you noobish look too 😛


Christensia Parkin


Hyper Culture



I think the Second Life website is good enough to “technically” get you started :). But what I’m going to talk about drifts far from the technical side towards the more principle side of things.

Exploring is perhaps the most amazing tool used to get an idea about Second Life. Take a moment, and think about what appeals to you the most. The world of Second life is big enough to fit all those imaginations you had floating in your brain. It offers a wide variety of ideas in fields which are not only limited to music, fashion, art, architecture, business, management, leisure, socializing and the list goes on.

I would always advice a newbie (Second Life term: New avatar in Second Life) to explore the world and possibilities around and then try experimenting things. The Second Life Showcase is always a nice way to see the most amazing user-built locations second life has to offer. They can be either accessed through the search button in the lower panel of your second life client by clicking on the Showcase tab in the Search window, or if you would like to have a quick look at the Showcase locations through pictures without logging on to second life, the Second Life showcase page has a nice slideshow display. This basically displays a very condensed list of wonderful places related to a variety of fields.

Many big thanks to some of our most creative residents who appreciate the beauty of second life and capture it in virtual frames. Flickr has many second life groups displaying the beautiful pictures and even artwork from various second life locations. One of such Second Life residents is a SL photographer Lem Skall who’s works on flickr display a lot of the places from the Second life showcase. Thank you Lem, for giving us such a great insight to some of the most unknown yet amazing locations. So please take a look at his Photostream and I’m sure that you’re become a diehard fan of his works like me! =)

Another amazing tool to explore place is the B-places website. It’s the About section lists the purpose of the site very well –

”  Welcome to b-places – the places to be in Second Life!
b-places is all about discovering new and exciting locations in Second Life!

b-places is with more than 400.000 resident votes and 900 quality verified Hotspots the largest Second Life location directory and provides you week by week with the best and most interesting SL locations of the GRID ”

A site where Second Life residents owning an interesting place submit their request and get promotion by the number of resident votes in b-places voting booth installed at their place. This site is a very handy resource for exploring some of the best places on Second Life.

So for now, keep hitting that teleport button! 😉 Don’t hesitate to move around and explore till you realize what Second Life has to offer to YOU!

Happy exploring!


Christensia Parkin

Owner/Designer – Hyper Culture


Well, looking from the title, “living” can be a big word that might point out of a fact that I am caught up in a virtual reality game called Second Life. Well for those who don’t know what second life is – A virtual reality multi-player “game”. For more information go to the Second Life Homepage and if you really curious, join it for free and enjoy the second world as I do :).

It’s called a game simply because of a typical mind we all have about anything involving characters and graphics is a PC “Game”. For me, Second Life is NOT a game. Its more of a virtual interface which offers endless opportunities to explore, build and interact. I would call it a virtual chat room which gives more liberties to express ourselves.

How Second Life would appeal to you depends on how you approach it and even more by the experiences you gain. When I first logged on Second Life in December 2007, I remember I had somehow teleported (Second Life term: to go from one place to another) to an escort place LOL. Nothing wrong with that, but perhaps it wasn’t something in my priorities or expectations. I was probably in search of something else. Well, I struggled to get the right direction perhaps and logged out. It was much later that I was surfing through the Forbes Website (yes! Its one of my favs =]), and I came across this interesting slide slow labelled – “Top 10 Life lessons from Gaming”. Interesting enough, the second lesson inspired me to get back into Second Life with a fresh start. I know what I was looking for and what I had longed. So there I was in early October rezzed (Second Life term: to appear at a place, used for avatars when they first appear on second life and used for objects whenever they appear to you)  as Christensia Parkin. Call it my luck or my fate, this time I met the right people and got the chance to explore what I wanted. All I knew was that Second Life is not a game. It is a platform offered by Linden Labs to socialize and interact. It’s a place to discover capabilities you never thought you had – an amazing world where trying out things costs much lesser, but the feed back you get is equivalent to a real world response as every avatar around you is a normal person like you and NOT a programmed robot 😉

I have been in Second Life for more than an year now and still have absolutely no intention of stepping back. Take a sneak peek to what I’m involved in here, may be we have similar interests =)

>>>>Owner and Designer of Hyper Culture – Hyper Male – H:3D – a virtual fashion brand specializing in clothing, hair, poses, shapes, skins (Coming soon!). Visit my place and take a sneak peek!

>>>>Assistant Manager at SLeek Beach Club – The best virtual beach club on Second Life. For people not familiar with an idea of a club in second life, it almost serves as a radio station where various DJs from different parts of the world stream in quality music sets to the people. Clubs are also the most popular social joints. SLeek is a premier hub for house music in second life. We offer the best DJs spinning live for the public. Stop by us and take a look 🙂 And if you still aren’t on second life, you can hear our DJs through a radio stream too :). Check our schedules and you won’t be disappointed.

I have just made a start, hope you would enjoy the journey with me. Stay tuned =)


Christensia Parkin